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         Great-Sun Foods Co., Ltd. (stock code: 603336.SH; hereinafter referred to as “Great-Sun” ) was established in 1992 on the basis
of the integrated change of the original Shantou Special Economic Zone Great-Sun Foods Limited Corporation.  Great-sun sets up the
headquarters in Shantou city, Guangdong province listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange successfully on November 24th, 2016. Great-Sun
is a professional agricultural service provider of fruits and vegetables, vertically integrating produce cultivation, post-harvest acquisition,
field pre-cooling, frozen storage, product selection and classification, processing and packaging, and cold chain distribution. We provide
more than 46 categories of fruits and 43 categories of vegetables, with different varieties from all parts of China and abroad. Currently,
Great-Sun sets up seven wholly-owned subsidiary companies in Yantai,  Shanghai, Guangzhou,  Shaoan Fujian,  Tianjin, Gangzhou
Jiangxi and Hong Kong. Our cooperated cultivation base are located in many provinces with rich agricultural potential,  such as
Shandong, Guangdong, Fujian, Xinjiang, Yunan,Jiangxi, Shangxi, and etc. According to the seasonal and regional characteristics among
fruits and vegetables, Great-Sun is able to effectively manage the needs between the supply and demand of fruits and vegetables by
our frozen chain logistics service and our layout and mutual-deploy of the processing and distribution base of the main producing
areas in China .

         Through the industrial integration business model achieving  “standardized base management,  closed-loop quality  control,
seamless cold chain distribution and product supply with one stop only”, we provide every sectors in the fruits and vegetables industry
with the comprehensive and overall service.  Being of commercial value and social benefit and being coincident with the modern
consumption trend and the government’s major policy of Agriculture, Countryside, and Farmer, our company’s business model is capable
of effectively reducing the intermediate section, guaranteeing the quality of agricultural products, decreasing the circulation cost and
making great contributions to improving the agricultural planting technique, and to promoting the farmer’s income and the development
of agricultural scale. Currently, our fruits and vegetables are exported to America, Canada, Australia, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, India,
the Middle East and etc.since we have developed the international market by means of the advantages on various variety, high quality,
and good reputation and we have met our customer’s diverse requirements by means of establishing products portfolio of cross-region
and multi-product. Moreover, we mainly aim at high-end customers by one-stop full product chain and we focus on the development of
the potential channels such as supermarket with a result that our fruits and vegetables have obtained the approval from the worldwide
prestigious chain supermarkets which mainly arepotential supermarkets in the worldwide and international dealerswith a large business
scale and a high market share. Nowadays, Great-Sun has achieved many honors such as “Guangdong Provincial Agricultural Leading
Enterprise”  and  “Custom AEO Members”,  meanwhile our brand  “great-sun Food”  is awarded as one ofthefamous trademarks
in Guangdong. Recently, the sale of our fruits and vegetables keeps remaining in the forefront of the industry with a stead rising trend,
in th result that Great-Sunis successively named as“China Fruits Advanced Company”, “Outstanding Enterprise for National Citrus Sales”,
“2013 Top 10 Grape Exporter”, “Top 50 China Fruits Exporter”, “Outstanding Industry Member”, “2015 Top 100 China Fruits Brand”,
“2016 Top 100 China Fruits Brand” by China Fruit Marketing Association, as well as “China Vegetable Advanced Company”, “Outstanding
Contribution Prize in Chinese Vegetables Circulation Brand Construction”by China Vegetable Marketing Association. Also, Great-Sun is
the vice president of China Fruit Marketing Association and China Fruit Marketing Association.


          Now,  to improve our competitiveness in the industry,  we continue practicing the concept of vertical integration, offering more
comprehensive services to our clients with closed-loop quality control,seamless cold-chain logistics and one-stop-shop offering, building
significant presence in critical regions of China and in the world to strengthen our purchase and distribution network. In the meantime,
we will  continue providing services  and upholding our  service philosophy -  “Deliver Health and Get Fresher than Others.”  With
ouradvanced quality control system,  our industry influence and being an A-share listed company, we will make use of our brand
advantage in domestic and overseas markets,   strive towards being a world-class integrated product and service provider of fruits
and vegetables, provide safe and healthy fruits and vegetables to consumers, and achieve collective economic and social benefits for
farmers, consumers and all industry players.