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1 Enterprise Development Goals

    With “Provide access to global fruits and vegetables, share the benefits freshness and health” as mission, we adhere to the service idea of “Pass Health, Much Fresher”, constantly improve our service ability and competition advantages and are committed to developing our company into a world-class enterprise combining fruits and vegetables services.


2  Enterprise Mission

    Faced with the harsh situation of quality and safety of fruits and vegetables, Great-Sun holds an attitude of being responsible for the masses, takes “economical and environmentally friendly” as the foundation, “technological development” as the power and “green and safety of fruits and vegetables” as its own duty, builds China’s largest green fruit and vegetable industrial base, sets up a brand image of “Green and Safe”, provides global consumers with safe and high-quality fruits and vegetables, and makes contribution to the country’s development of agricultural, the countryside and farmers, targeted poverty reduction, employment of farmers, and helping farmers to get rid of poverty and become better off. 


3  Corporate Values


1.Quality First

  It is the development strategy of Great-Sun to provide consumers with green and safe fruits and vegetables, and also the fundamental of survival and development for Great-Sun. By use of GLOBALGAP, ISO22000 (HACCP), ISO9001 and other international quality systems, Great-Sun has established its own quality control system in line with the international standard and conducts product quality and safety management in all links of the fruit and vegetable industrial chain. Starting from planting to all links including acquisition, transportation, storage and preliminary processing, Great-Sun all sets quality control points and establishes a comprehensive quality management system from the base to finished products, so as to ensure the high quality and safety of products.



  In any time during the development, Great-Sun will never forget to adhere to the fundamental qualities of being hard-working, diligent and thrifty. The truth that a country, a nation or an enterprise would thrive for diligence and thriftiness and decline for extravagance has been repeated by history. Great-Sun has set up a practice habit of “It’s Glory to Save and Shame to Waste”. In the production and operation activities, all Great-Sun employees exploit their potentials and conduct calculation carefully and budgeting strictly to reduce costs. The spirit of “saving every penny” has been fully carried forward. Besides, leaders of the enterprise are honest and upright and they are brave to take pains, which has become common practice. All this has laid a foundation for the enterprise to create a healthy atmosphere and cultivate talents.


3.Continuous Innovation

  Continuous innovation is very important for business decision-making and is one of the core contents of enterprise innovation activities and access to competitive advantages. Enterprises should understand the pattern or the law of continuous industrial innovation, increase understanding to the economic value of continuous innovation, cultivate the ability of continuous innovation, eliminate institutional obstacles and gain competitive advantages. Great-Sun should always maintain the awareness of unexpected development and awareness of risk, and through the concept innovation, thinking innovation, management innovation, system innovation, technological innovation and service innovation, promote the enterprise to reform constantly, to jump out of the shackles of traditional experience, break the limitation, and achieve innovative development and progress. Innovation is the eternal motivation for Great-Sun to achieve development.


4.Win-win Cooperation

  The cause of Great-Sun needs to be promoted jointly by people with lofty ideals who are interested in the development of agriculture, rural areas and farmers. To achieve the strategic development goal of Great-Sun, it is necessary to integrate various high-quality resources, cooperate with each side and work hard together.


4  Enterprise Operation Concept

1.Core Concept

  Pursue enterprise revenue, economical benefits and social benefits at the same time;

  Pursue the common growth of employee benefits, partner interests and shareholder interests.


2.Business Principles

  Take Enterprise as the Home and Integrity as Foundation;

  Conduct Scientific Management and Innovative Management;

  Pursue Excellence and Common Development.


5  Enterprise Management Concept

Fair, Just and Open        

    In the face of the enterprise system, everyone is equal regardless of their closeness with the company leaders or their positions; leaders should not only have no institutional privilege but should make an example and have the spirit of being responsible. In the course of carrying out the system, even if it is found that the provisions of the system are irrational, the system should be implemented first, and then adjusted and improved system in accordance with the provisions timely, so as to ensure the system’s seriousness and principle.



 Enterprise Outlook on Talent

1.Core Idea


  The competition among enterprises is, in the final analysis, the competition of talents. To establish what kind of talent concept and to use what kind of person are key to the success of the enterprise.

  Outstanding talent is the basis for the survival and development of an enterprise. The use of talent should be based on the criteria of having both ability and integrity and being ability-based, regardless of qualifications, education background or closeness with the company leaders.

  Value creation and dedication are standards to measure talents. Employees that are competent in their job positions and can create appropriate value for the company in the corresponding positions are all valuable personnel of the company.

2.Principle of Talent


  Talent Selection – Virtue First, Talent Based.

  Use of Talent – Everyone is a talent, the job position is the stage, to evaluate a talent with capability.

  Talent Cultivation – Teach personnel in accordance with their aptitude, cultivate, train and improve talents.

  Talent Retaining – Retain talents with treatment, mechanism, cause and feeling.