Corporate culture


Enterprise Development Objective
Through taking "Connect the global fresh fruits and vegetables, share high-quality nutrition" as our mission and persevering in our service philosophy- "Deliver health and get fresher than others", we will continute improving our services capability and our product's competitive advantage and we will strive to develop the company to be a competitive intergrated service provider of fruits and vegetables at home and abroad. 

Enterprise Values

Quality Assurance
Plain Living and Hard Struggle
Continuous Innovation
Win-win Cooperation


Enterprise Management Concept

To pursue the enterprise benefit, the ecological benefit, the social benefit during our common development
To pursue the staff benefit, the partner benefit, the shareholder benefit during our common growth

Enterprise Management Concept 

Fair, Just, Open


Enterprise Management Principle

Family-oriented and integrity-based

Scientific management and innovative management

The pursuit of excellence and common development.

Enterprise Principle 

Talent selection - moral first, ability follows. 
Talent Recruitment - everyone is a talent and every position is the stage to access the competence of the talent. 
Talent Cultivation - to teach, cultivate, train and improve in accordance with their aptitudes. 
Talent Retaining - retain talents by treatment, mechanism, career and emotion.

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