The "one fruit and four directions" consumption poverty alleviation promotion meeting was held in Beijing to help the consumption poverty alleviation through the "three promotions"

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On January 29, 2019, the "One Fruit and Four Sides" consumer poverty alleviation promotion meeting was successfully held in Beijing. The promotion meeting was sponsored by the China Securities Association...


On January 29, 2019, the "One Fruit and Four Sides" consumer poverty alleviation promotion meeting was successfully held in Beijing. The promotion meeting was sponsored by the China Securities Association, the China Futures Association and the China Securities Investment Fund Association under the guidance of the Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council, the General Office of the Securities Regulatory Commission, the Futures Department and the Xicheng District Government. The purpose of the meeting is to further implement the Guiding Opinions on Deeply Developing Consumer Poverty Alleviation to Help Win the Struggle against Poverty. Mr. Huang Junhui, chairman of Honghui Fruits and Vegetables, participated in the promotion meeting on behalf of him.

Zeng Tong, deputy director of the General Office of the Securities Regulatory Commission, said that the "One fruit and four directions" activity explored new ways of poverty alleviation through consumption. At present, agricultural products in poverty-stricken areas still have shortcomings of low quality and weak brand. In terms of poverty alleviation through consumption, the CSRC will promote the implementation of policies, promote the quality of products, and promote brand building through services.

Dr. Wang Zhuo, the founder of Pincheng, introduced the results of the early activities of "One fruit connects four directions". From December 24 to 26, 2018, poverty alleviation fruit delivery activities were held at the Financial Street Shopping Center and Tencent Online Red Store in Financial Street, Zhongguancun and other places. The organizers of the event, such as Pincheng, LIFE Financial Street, and China Securities Jiaotong, have effectively promoted and publicized the Apple brands in poor counties such as Shaanxi Yanchang, Gansu Qin'an, Hebei Fuping, and Xinjiang Maigaiti, by creating an atmosphere of outdoor LED screens, office building LED advertising machines, shopping mall backboards, Yilapao, exhibition shelves, and gift bags, and have improved the popularity of Red Apple's "poverty alleviation fruit" and created a hot spot on the Internet, Realize "offline participation of 10000 people, accurate push of millions of people, and exposure of tens of millions of people".

The experts at the meeting gave positive comments, and believed that the activity was novel in form, accurate in dissemination and obvious in promoting the brand of characteristic agricultural products in poverty-stricken areas. Consumption poverty alleviation is conducive to creating local characteristic products, extending the industrial chain, driving the tourism industry and developing the regional economy.

The reporter interviewed the heads of enterprises and institutions who participated in the "One fruit and four directions" activity. Chen Fang, chairman of Luzheng Futures, said that the company was the first futures company in the country to promote "insurance+futures" in the whole county in the main grain varieties, forming the "Huachuan model" of "insurance+futures". In the future, the supply level and quality of agricultural products in poor areas will be improved in this way to lay a solid foundation for consumption poverty alleviation.
Luo Xufeng, general manager of Nanhua Futures, said that it would actively promote the connection between the e-commerce platform of Henghua Agriculture, a famous subsidiary, and the fruit farmers of Yanchang County, and set up a consumption poverty alleviation section on the Henghua Agriculture e-commerce platform to help the apple sales of Yanchang County through online publicity and marketing.

Huang Junhui, chairman of Honghui Fruit and Vegetable, said that the company signed strategic cooperation agreements with poverty-stricken counties to support farmers in the area to implement industrial poverty alleviation projects; Establish regional processing and distribution centers and downstream terminal fresh community stores, speed up the product circulation service system in poverty-stricken areas, and provide employment opportunities for people in surrounding poverty-stricken areas. In the future, the company will also absorb the systematic training of people in poor areas on modern agricultural planting and new retail to help poor people start businesses and get rid of poverty.

Azi Guli, Executive Director and General Manager of the Poverty Alleviation Department of Founder Securities, said that Founder Securities regards consumption poverty alleviation as one of the three major brands of poverty alleviation work, and creates a leading enterprise of industrial poverty alleviation in this way.

Ran Li, deputy secretary general of China Futures Association, said that agricultural development is closely related to futures. The activity of "connecting one fruit with four directions" opens a new idea for the future development of consumption poverty alleviation in the futures industry.

An Xun, Social Poverty Alleviation Department of the Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council, Zhao Huiping, an expert in the evaluation of geographical indications of the National Bureau of Quality Supervision, Beijing Institute for Drug Control, Fu Mingxian, General Manager of the Market Development Department of the User Development Center of the ICBC Head Office, Wang Yingjie, a researcher of the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Resources of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Fan Yezheng, a professor of the Second Foreign Languages Institute of Beijing, Xu Weihong, a professor of Jiaotong Institute of Sharing Economics, and Lu Guoqing, the founder of the original flavor of Beijing, Hou Xuejing, the chief reporter of Xinhua News Agency, and others attended the promotion meeting. Xinhua News Agency, Securities Times, Shanghai Securities News and other media reported the event.

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